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Delta/TerrateK Limited (DTT) offers Formation Evaluation services in the areas of Mudlogging, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) with the best of facilities that guarantees quality data.

Delta/Terratek Limited in conjunction with Henan Petroleum Company Nigeria Limited offers mudlogging services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Our mudlogging unit can be deployed for onshore and offshore operations with the following system specifications.
Pressure Explosion-Proof System
  CAN Bus System
Degassing System Device
  Chromatography Analyzing System
Geo-chemical Logging
Quantitative Fluorescence Analysis
  Rock Thermal Cracking Analysis
Data Remote Transmission Services  
  Geological Instrumentation System  
Our natural gas total hydrocarbon and component detectors have the following capabilities:
  Total Hydrocarbon Detector
  Hydrocarbon Component Detector
  Carbon Dioxide Detector


Measurement and Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD)
Delta/Terratek in conjunction with CBG Corporation Texas, USA now offers MWD/LWD Services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
Our MWD/LWD facilities which include Gamma ray tools and Geosteering Resistivity tools, are reputed to have become the industry's standards. These tools can be deployed for onshore and offshore operations.
From the Geosteering-Resistivity Tool (GRT), an advanced imaging laterolog device, incorporating four independent receiving electrodes to create an azimuthally-sensitive
resistivity measurement; capable of detecting nearby beds, determine whether it is conductive or resistive, and ascertain its direction and distance to the NGT -T Gamma tool with excellent performance in MWD, your job just got easier and more precise!
These tools have been tested in different formation types all around the world and their performance is unparalleled!