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Delta/TerraTek Limited has sufficient facilities/equipment to help deliver our services to our clients in a most efficient way.


These facilities are grouped based on their area of applications.
  Wellsite Core Handling & Preservation Equipment
Some of our Wellsite core handling facilities are shown here. Our resination and preservation equipment help ensure your cores are in their natural state as they are being moved from site to lab. Resination protects the core by filling the annular spaces between the core barrel and the core and thus provides stabilization of soft/unconsolidated formation.
This prevents artificial or induced fractures while transporting from site to the Lab. The Resins we use include Cast Master, Pepset, Grapson and Froth-Pak expanding foam.
  CT Scanning & Core Gamma Equipment
Our CT scan facility helps you ‘see’ the internal structures/features of the cores. It identifies fractures and helps determine the accurate slabbing orientation as well as plug selection points.
Our Core Gamma facility provides you with total and spectral gamma logs which can be used to identify the pay zones, calibrate downhole gamma logs and assist in SCAL plugs selection. The spectral gamma logs also help identify the different mineralogy present in the cores.
  Core Slabbing/Plugging & Preparation Equipment
Our core slabbing facility is used to open the core tube into one-third/ two-third or one-fourth/three-quarter sections for plug selection, geological viewing and core photographing.
Our core preparation facilities include trimming machine, plug mounting facility and Particle size analysis (PSA) equipment. Mounting is usually required for unconsolidated plugs to insure their grain to grain integrity. PSA helps in determining the grain size distribution, infer depositional environment and helps in doing proper gravel pack design.
  Dean Stark Analysis/Soxhlet Cleaning Equipment  

The Dean Stark/Soxhlet facilities help clean plug samples of formation fluids and salt in preparation for the samples petrophysical properties measurement. Iinitial formation fluid saturations as a percent of the pore volume can also be inferred from Dean stark readings.

Facilities in this section include dean stark, soxhlet, chiller, oven, and dessicators.
  Porosity & Permeability Measuring Equipment
The Permeability equipment can measure permeability at ambient and stress conditions up to 20, 000 mD with up to 10, 000psi overburden stress.
The Porosity equipment uses helium gas to measure the pore volume of the plugs at ambient and stress conditions. The grain density of plugs is also measured.
  Formation Evaluation
Our formation evaluation facilities are first-class rated as they have been extensively used in different formations all around the world.
Our facilities include Geosteering Resistivity Tool (GRT), Gamma Ray Tools (NGT-T, NGT-B, NGT-S and NGT-CS) and Mud Logging Unit with state-of-the art facilities.