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The importance of core data for accurate quantification and production of oil and gas reservoirs cannot be overemphasized.

Delta/TerrateK Limited offers Routine and Special Core Analysis Services with the finest of data quality that guarentees an accurate estimation of your reserves.
  Routine Core Analysis (RCA)

Our RCA Services include the following

Total and Spectral Core Gamma Logs which correlates to downhole Gamma Log.
Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning for surface analysis and core internal structure/feature definition
Core Slabbing Services
Lithological Description which provides rock description, texture, structures, and other key lithological information
Core Photography which provides permanent, visual documentation of the core. UV photography also helps assess hydrocarbon distribution.
Residual Saturations which entails measuring presence and types of hydrocarbons present
Connate Water Saturation which helps in evaluation of appropriate drill muds
Grain Density for Calibration of Density Logs
Horizontal Permeability for defining flow capacity, permeability distribution and profile
Vertical Permeability helps evaluate gravity drainage potential, coning probability, and seal effectiveness
  Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

Delta/Terratek in technical cooperation with its foreign partners offer the following special core analysis laboratory services.

Unsteady State Relative Permeability to evaluate waterflood and gasflood performances
Electrical Properties to estimate in-situ water saturation from resistivity logs
Combined Amott/USBM Wettability to aid in the interpretation of waterflood tests
Capillary Pressure Curves to establish saturation profile in oil and gas reservoirs
Permeability Regain and Fluid Sensitivity Tests to detect potential for damage due to rock-fluid and fluid-fluid interactions