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Delta/Terratek Limited has a working relationship with Vitop Energy/X-Treme Energy Services Group of Houston, Texas for the provision of drilling rigs and oil field equipment, drill bits, top drives, and down hole drilling products services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

DTT markets the Proprietary X-Bits™ PDC line, available in both steel and matrix body.

The following Bits types are available for procurement.



X-BITS™ Fast Series XFS619
The Fast Series XFS619 bits incorporate patent-pending design technology to maximize ROP potential while still retaining exceptional durability in a wide variety of applications.  
The bits integrate ultra-aggressive design technology optimized for vertical applications flexible hydraulic configurations.
The Fast Series is suitable for soft sand and shale to hard, interbedded sandstone sequences.
XFS619 Series
X-BITS™ Motor Series XMS513
The X-Bits™ Motor Series is a product line of PDC drill bits developed specifically to meet the demands of drilling with down hole motors to survive hard & brasive lithology while maintaining aggressive performance throughout the rest of the interval.
X-Bits™ Motor Series bits incorporate patent pending design technology, and multiple rows of PDC cutters, specifically arranged in a proprietary configuration to maintain high ROP throughout the life of the bit.
With record runs in different areas, see how the inclusion of the Motor Series XM513 bits to your down hole motor can greatly improve ROP with excellent bit life especially in hard interbedded formations.
XFS619 Series
  X-BITS™ Directional Series XDS513
The Directional Series XDS513 bits are designed for maximum steerability, customized for durability, excellent ROP potential and superb directional aptitude (ability to build, hold, drop, turn).
X-Bits™ Directional Series bits are fast, yet very steerable, and tough and can pull high doglegs with ease.
The revolution is that it is actually possible to achieve excellence in all four areas with the same bit.
XDS513 Series